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Superintendent's Evaluation/Goals


Superintendent Performance Standards 1 - Curriculum:  The Superintendent will strengthen the district’s educational programs and services.


Performance Goals:  

  • Increase participation in Courses of Rigor both by increasing the quantity and quality of Dual Enrolled and AP Courses offered and by increasing the percentage of students taking the Courses of Rigor
  • Strengthen academic, behavioral, and social/emotional supports by prioritizing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports approach to student interventions
  • Improve instruction through a consistent system of teacher supervision (formal observations, walkthroughs, and Differentiated Supervision) within all district buildings


Superintendent Performance Standards 2 - Leadership:  The Superintendent will provide ethical leadership, modeling appropriate behavior and student-focused decision making.


Performance Goals:

  • Increase superintendent presence at student events (athletic, academic, and extracurricular)
  • Strengthen district hiring procedures to ensure that candidate selection is based solely on identifying those who will provide the greatest benefit to students
  • In cooperation with district solicitor, manage collective bargaining activities with Education Association and organize meet and discuss activities with Act 93 administrators for the Board
  • Engage in advocacy efforts to benefit Central Cambria students through collaboration and communication with area government, business, and non-profit leaders


Superintendent Performance Standards 3 – Financial / Operational:         The Superintendent will present and maintain a responsible budget that provides resources needed to support a quality educational program and to maintain the physical plant while ensuring fiscal responsibility.    


Performance Goals:

  • Allocate resources equitably and purposefully in order to gain the most student benefit to each taxpayer dollar
  • Oversee district capital projects in order to ensure timeliness and budgetary compliance
  • Improve physical and emotional safety of students through physical plant updates (doors, locks, visitor management programs, etc…) and through updating safety protocols with best practices