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Assistant Superintendent's Evaluation/Goals


Proposed Assistant Superintendent Objective Performance Standards


Assistant Superintendent Performance Standards 1 - Curriculum: The Assistant Superintendent will strengthen the district’s educational programs and services.


Performance Goals:


  • Increase the opportunities for students to actively learn (i.e., write grants to get funding for more technology, more instructional time through the Breakfast Initiative, etc.)
  • Provide struggling students with additional strategies and opportunity for mastering core subjects (i.e., revising our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, revising our Response to Intervention model, etc.)
  • Enhance professional development for all teachers and staff so they can provide effective instruction to all students (i.e. partnership with St. Francis University, online professional development opportunities, etc. ).


Assistant Superintendent Performance Standards 2 - Leadership: The Assistant Superintendent will identify and resolve issues adversely affecting the district, while ensuring best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development, and management are being utilized.


Performance Goals:


  • Use multiple data sources (i.e., PVAAS, SPP) to assess student success and growth, and work with admin to identify root cause of any areas of concern and develop curricular adjustments as needed.
  • Work to positively influence the climate and culture of the district, within the district and community (i.e., build support for district initiatives/programs, articulate district goals and priorities).
  • Manage all Federal Programs (i.e., Title 1, Homeless, English as a Second Language, etc.).
  • Become acclimated in district budgeting and building/grounds capital project planning and execution.


 Assistant Superintendent Performance Standards 3 - Personnel: The Assistant Superintendent will ensure all teachers and staff are appropriately trained and are performing at the proficiency level. 


Performance Goals:


  • Create new teacher hiring procedures and methods and lead the hiring process (i.e., initiating calls, scheduling interviews, reviewing the process).
  • Revise the Differentiated Supervision Plan Procedures
  • Work collaboratively with the superintendent and building principals to identify and address performance needs of district personnel. Initiate and monitor performance enhancement programs for district personnel who are deemed to be underperforming.   Provide guidance and leadership in an attempt to raise the proficiency of underperforming district teaching personnel.  Under circumstances where interventions are not producing measurable improvements, initiate district policies regarding employment status amendments for underperforming personnel. 
  • Work collaboratively with the superintendent and building principals to identify district teaching personnel who are exceeding expectations. Generate opportunities by which such individuals can be recognized and rewarded.
  • Using a variety of data sources, conduct an ongoing assessment of primary and secondary curricular paradigms. Make recommendations to the superintendent and board concerning curricular needs as needed.
  • Provide a “State of the Central Cambria Curriculum” report for the board at least once per calendar year including test scores, evaluations, assessment of resources, assessment of new initiatives and plans for the future, etc.
  • Communication with the School Directors:
    • Coordinate monthly curriculum updates for board meetings
    • Proactively communicate with the board’s Education Committee on district curricular issues.