Google Visits CCHS & CCMS

Google is piloting this unreleased app with school districts across the country and getting feedback from teachers and students to help improve the app before it is released to the general public.
Approximately 500 students participated in the program. Students used phones provided by Google to bring various 3D objects to life. Throughout the day, students were able to study objects including: dinosaurs, Roman sculptures, the solar system, the cardiovascular system, WW I and WW II artifact,, as well as others, directly in front of them. All the students had to do was open the app, point to a QR code and start exploring the 3D object that appeared in front of them.
Teachers guided the students through each lesson, giving facts about the objects and connecting them to material from their curriculum. The students seemed to really enjoy the experience by the way they reacted to the objects that appeared.
CCSD is fortunate that Google chose us as one of their pilot sites as it was a great experience for all those involved.