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Central Cambria School District Safety Letter Fall 2023
Central Cambria School District has been going to great lengths to enhance the security of our buildings and to prepare our students and staff in the event a crisis occurs involving one of our schools. We continue to meet with local law enforcement as well as mental health agencies in an effort to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
Safety Measures in Place:
● Secure entrances at all schools.
● Additional 15 Stop the Bleed Kits district wide.
● All district employees as well as first responders have access to the CCSD Emergency Binder.
● Certified School Police Officer
● A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that details what steps to take in the event of an emergency situation.
● Safety and table top (scenario discussion) drills scheduled frequently at each building.
● Interior and exterior digital cameras to monitor and record video surveillance images 24/7.
● Student Assistance Program (SAP) in all buildings.
● Hired additional 6 part-time Police Officers to help at school events as needed. Also, getting them certified as School Police Officers.
● Frequent meetings with the chiefs of police from area municipalities and the state police to address safe schools issues.
● AED's added to the 2 school vans.
● Web and e-mail filters on all district provided technology and devices and accounts, detecting potentially harmful behavior.
What Can Parents/Guardians Can Do:
● Be sure that updated emergency contact information on Skyward. This is particularly important if you have had a change in phone numbers.
● Listen to your children and take their concerns seriously. If they “see something,” have them “say something.” If they overhear or observe (whether at school, an after-school event, or on social media) a student or former student threatening harm to themselves or others, please immediately report that information to law enforcement or a trusted adult.
● Monitor your child's social media activity and report anything suspicious. In some school shootings, the suspect's social media accounts foreshadowed violent events.
● When you are in our schools or at school events, be alert for individuals who do not belong. Report that information immediately to the school office or an administrator.
● Instruct your child about how to reach you at all times.
● Be sure your child knows what to do and where to go if there is an emergency and no one is at home.
● Talk to your child about personal safety. Teach your child how to recognize danger signals.
I would like to ask that you please take a moment to have a conversation with your child about the use of school appropriate language. Oftentimes, children say things that they don’t mean and wouldn’t typically say when not in an acute angered or frustrated state. However, they need to know that those angry words can sometimes lead to fear and anxiety in others, including their friends and classmates.
As always, if you are aware of information that is a potential threat to student safety, I encourage you to report that immediately to our school personnel. Parents and students can also report information through the Safe2Say system SAY SOMETHING
Students Mental Health is Important
As we strive for better physical wellness, we also need to take steps to improve our mental health, too. CCSD has adopted the Choose Love Movement as our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum. Please click the link below for a short video.
School mental health strategies have been shown to improve academic outcomes, reduce disciple referrals, increase graduation rates, increase student attendance and facilitate a positive school climate.
Talk to Your Child About the Dangers of Vaping