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Superintendent Goals


Superintendent's Goals


Superintendent Performance Standards 1 - Curriculum:  The Superintendent will strengthen the district’s educational programs and services.


Performance Goals:

  •  Develop a culture of high academic expectations
    • Ensure that principals and director of special education are closely monitoring classroom instruction for student engagement, rigor, and standard alignment.
    • Maximize impact of Friday afternoon professional development for teachers in terms of moving the needle on student achievement.  It is essential that quality of remaining instruction abundantly compensate for the decreasing instructional time required for the Friday early student dismissals / PD.
    • Emphasize the sanctity of instructional time while factoring the importance of social emotional learning and pro-social bonding for students.


  • Continue to advocate for relevant and rigorous educational opportunities for all students
    •  Strengthen academic pathways and increase course options for students not participating in dual enrollment or Advanced Placement Courses, including students attending Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School.
    • Increase participation in Courses of Rigor both by increasing the quantity and quality of Dual Enrolled and AP Courses offered and by increasing the percentage of students taking the Courses of Rigor
    •  Increase number of students taking Advanced Placement Tests


  • Strengthen academic, behavioral, and social/emotional supports by prioritizing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports approach to student interventions



Superintendent Performance Standards 2 - Leadership:  The Superintendent will provide ethical leadership, modeling appropriate behavior and student-focused decision making. 


Performance Goals:

  •  Superintendent will strengthen advocacy efforts for the profession, highlighting the current and looming crisis resulting from the reduction of qualified teachers graduating from PA colleges and universities.


  • Continue strong emphasis on student safety
    • Prioritize professional development for SPOs and for District Safety and Security Coordinator
    • Consistently review policies and procedures through regular Safety Committee meetings
    • Increase officer coverage for athletic and after-school events


  • Continue superintendent presence at student events (athletic, academic, and extracurricular)


  • Safeguard district hiring procedures to ensure that candidate selection is based solely on identifying those who will provide the greatest benefit to students and is free of political or other extraneous influences.


  •  Engage in advocacy efforts to benefit Central Cambria students through collaboration and communication with area government, business, non-profit leaders, and other local educational leaders, including the local intermediate unit, IU08.


  • Strengthen relationship between District Administration and Education Association through open communication with the understanding that decision-making will be consistently made based on what is best for students over what is convenient for adults.


Superintendent Performance Standards 3 – Financial / Operational:      The Superintendent will present and maintain a responsible budget that provides resources needed to support a quality educational program and to maintain the physical plant while ensuring fiscal responsibility.     


Performance Goals:

  • Allocate resources equitably and purposefully in order to gain the most student benefit to each taxpayer dollar


  • Rebuild District reserve fund through fiscally responsible spending, making staffing recommendations based on current and projected student enrollment,  by pursuing competitive grants, and through ensuring the District maximizes its allocation of entitlements. 


  • Emphasize aesthetics and physical environment for faculty and students through heightened expectations from maintenance and housekeeping staff and by ensuring that custodial staff has all equipment and supplies necessary to their jobs effectively and efficiently.