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CCSD Property Tax Calculator

Property Tax Calculator

In order to calculate your tax rates under the two proposed budgets under consideration, you must first locate your assessed value(s). That information can be gleaned from the Cambria County GIS site.

Find Your Assessed Property Value

Assess Your Property Here

  • In the upper left corner, enter your street address and zip code. (i.e., "208 Schoolhouse Road 15931")
  • When you click "enter" or "Return" after entering your information, the map will take you to your property.
  • Click on the blue dot over your house. A box will appear.
  • Click on the right arrow until the relevant information is located.
  • Near the middle of the screen, it should state **Property Details**.
  • Look for "Total Assessed Value:" That number is the one that you will use to determine your tax rate.

Assessed Property Value